ATOBENIA eczema cream – steroid free, stop itchy, improve atopic dermatitis – dry and sensitive skin - 80ml Korea

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Deskripsi Produk  ATOBENIA eczema cream – steroid free, stop itchy, improve atopic dermatitis – dry and sensitive skin - 80ml Korea

Atobenia Baby or Adult Eczema cream 80ml (~ 4oz)


Made in Korea, currently only available in Korea drug store


Eczema skin

If you are not satified with any of your existing product, try this one from Korea, which has over 50% success rate in Korea.


• MOST EFFECTIVE for baby skin and early eczema, initial atopic dermatitis symptom or sensitive dry skin. For adult and late stage symptom, skin structure has been changed. Effectiveness will be reduced and more time is required. 


• REDUCE SYMPTOMS & ITCHINESS. Not just a plain set of moisturizers. All-in-one skin care solution for atopic and sensitive skin. Excellent calming effects. Relieving of itchiness, rashes or hives. Alleviates dry itchiness and diaper rash. It effectively inhibits release of histamine and degranulation of mast cells (one of immune cells that triggers type I hypersensitivity), suppresses passive cutaneous anaphylaxis and improves other allergy type I symptoms.


• HIGH MOISTURE to protect skin. Intense moisturizing and skin protection product for delicate and sensitive children’s skin. Benia oil (fermented oils and natural plant oils) contains essential GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) which supplies nutrition and nurtures the skin along with reducing irritation. The optimized Omega acid helps to regenerate the damaged skin.


• SAFE to use. Only natural ingredient. No steroid, chemical preservatives, paraben, nor artificial pigments. Thoroughly tested in Korea. Patented ingredient Bendu-381 (Guava Leaf extract, green tea extract, rose flower extract) is Korea FDA certified. Most popular and solid-selling product via Hanmi Pharmaceuticals’ pharmacy distribution network in Korea.


High moisturizing intensive care cream for dry and sensitive skin.

To apply intensively on atopic or dry parts.
Effective on relieving sensitive skin diseases such as itchiness, rashes, hives, etc.
Excellent spreadability and good skin feeling.

Major Ingredient and functions

SAFE - Free from Steroid, Chemical preservatives, Paraben, Chemical pigment

Natural - herbs ingredients

Atobenia eczema crem is

Free from Steroid, Chemical preservatives, Paraben, Chemical pigment
Contained Patent substance (Bendu-381). Bendu 381 is Korea FDA approved. 
Synergy combination of 3 kinds of natural vegetables


Ingredient Bendu-381 has got Korea FDA approval.

Available in Korea drug store for the time being.

Packaging size : 55mm x 45mm x 145mm  114g (~ 4 oz)

Product Shelf life : 2  years from manufacturing, 1 year after bottle is opened.


How to use

Apply the cream to suffered areas.

At least 3 times a day - morning, before sleep, after bath, and whenever feel itch.



Q. Is it really effective?

A. Brand owner has conducted a series of clinical trial in Korea. The key ingredient Bendu 381 has got patent and Korea FDA approval. We have the actual users tried the product and report positive result - over 50% according to Korea customers.


Q. How quick can the sympton disappear?

A. The product is not medicine, but rather skin care product. It is not possible to have immediate effect.

     Depends on the situation, some users reports to have effect in around few days, while some adults (with problems over 1 year) report to have effect in 1 month.


Q. Why the symptom continues after using the cream?

A. Please check if you scratch, and / or use  hot water for shower / bathing.

Consult your medical doctor if symptom deteriates (and stops using the product).



DO NOT scratch whenever it is itchy (apply the cream is better option).

Hot water will induce sensitive skin. Use warm water will help.



The product is not medicine.

Avoid put the cream to mouth or eyes.

Keep the cream in cool area, avoid sunshine.

If user finds any abnormal situation, please consult your medical doctor.

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