Bio d’ Azur Essential Oil Lavender 50ml - COND.37

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Deskripsi Produk  Bio d’ Azur Essential Oil Lavender 50ml - COND.37

Lavender is the emblematic flower of Provence. It is known for its calming and purifying properties.Even in ancient times, lavender was used by the Romans to scent their laundry and fragrance their bathwater. In Provence, lavender has been used since the Middle Ages to create perfumes and medicines.Since the nineteenth century, the lavender culture developed even further: the production of essential lavender oil developed to supply perfumeries that were progressively increasing in the Grasse region.You can now benefit from our essential lavender oil, effective to use against fleas, lice and mites, but also to sooth insect bites…you can also use our lavender oil to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep by putting a few drops on your pillow.

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