Bio d’ Azur Marseille Soap 300 g Lavender

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Deskripsi Produk  Bio d’ Azur Marseille Soap 300 g Lavender

The oldest hygiene soap used in France. The manufacturing process inspired  from soap of Aleppo: using 72% vegetable oil or olive oil is the guarantee of quality which distinguishes it from other soaps!The lavender cube: it is the same plant but enriched with lavender essential oil soap. Shredded into chips and used in the washing machine, it will leave a scent of Provence on you cloths. Used for the toilet, it will soothe your skin for a moment of sweetness.

Nomor Produk 500818439
Manfaat Moisturizing, Lain-lain
Pengguna All
Volume 200-400ml(gr)