Finether 1.1L/D Digital Air Dehumidifier Anion UV Air Purify Portable Lightweight Low Energy Home Wardrobe Bathroom Kitchen Damp Moisture EU

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Deskripsi Produk Of Finether 1.1L/D Digital Air Dehumidifier Anion UV Air Purify Portable Lightweight Low Energy Home Wardrobe Bathroom Kitchen Damp Moisture EU


Finether 1.1L/D Digital Air Dehumidifier Anion UV Air Purify Portable Lightweight
Low Energy Home Wardrobe Bathroom Kitchen Damp Moisture
    This Finether Digital Semi-conductor Air Dehumidifier is a perfect applicance for domestic use.
It is a protable, lightweight and space-saving unit that convenient to move from room to room.
Using the dehumidifier will help eliminate the excess moisture from the air and provide a healthier
atmosphere for you. What\'s more, the anion and UV lamp settings of the unit help you clean
the air and reduce the bacteria,making a difference to the air that you breathe at home.
It is suitable for small rooms and poorly ventilated areas such as bedrooms, kitchens,
bathrooms, wardrobes and storage rooms.Its collect system has a 2.4L capacity water
storage which is easy to remove and empt.Besides, the machine features adjustable
humiditistat functionality from 30-80RH% and 65W low energy consumption without worrying
about your electricity bill.
  - 2.4L Removable and washable water tank
  - Water max extraction: 1100ml/Day at 30℃, 80RH%.
  - Digital LED display: the display shows humidity, remaining timing, ambient temperature,
downtime error code in different situations.
  - Air purify functionality: Anion function and UV lamp function seperately
  - Full water protection: once the water tank is full, the dehumidifier automatically stops, anion,
UV lamp and fan continue to operate.
  - Adjustable humidistat setting: 30-80RH%. Each press of Humidity key will increase
10% of humidity setting value.
  - Auto start/off timer: setting range from 1 to 24h. Each press of Timing key will increase
1h of the set time.
  - State memory function: stop and restart the machine, it will run at the same setting
value about humidity, anion and UV lamp function, pre-set on/off timing automatically
as its last time. No need to set the functions again.
  - The ambient temperature inquiry:in the boot state,long press the “Anion” key
for a few seconds,the display will show the ambient temperature
  - Compact and portable design
  - Soft touch buttons and electronic control panel: easy for operation
 - Water max extraction: 1100ml/day (30℃, 80RH%)
 - Water tank max capacity: 2.4L
 - Dimension of product: 190x190x340mm
 - Weight of product: 2.1kg
 - Voltage/Frequency: 200V-240V/50Hz
 - Rated power: 65W
 - Protection against electric shock: II
 - IP level: IP20
 - EU plug

Notices(please read the notices before using the dehumidifier):
 -Turn off the unit and unplug it before any maintance or repair to avoid electric shocks.
 -Use the machine in proper temperature range from 5-40℃.
 -Keep at least 20cm space around the machine when operating.
 -Keep the machine in an up-right position to avoid leakage.
 -Always use the machine in flat and horizontal position to minimize the vibration.
 -Do not insert any sharp objects into air inlet/outlet.
 -Keep the air inlet/outlet free from air blocking materials such as paper, clothing and plastic bags.
 -Unplug the plug and empty the water tank when the unit will not be used for an extened period of time.
 - 1x Deuhumidifier
 - 1x EU plug
 - 1x User manual
Produk Nomor 500138349
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