Floureon RC-4 temperature data logger

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Deskripsi Produk Of Floureon RC-4 temperature data logger

 Floureon RC-4 temperature data logger
This data logger is mainly used for temperature recording during storage and ocean/air/highway
transportation of foodstuff, medicine, chemicals and other products, especially widely used in
all kinds of warehousing, logistics and cold chain, such as refrigetated containers, refrigerated
trucks refrigerated package, cold storage, laboratory, etc. or in large-sized global supply chain businesses.
This mini Temperature Data Logger has wide measuring range -30 °C~ 60 °C, high accuracy,
adjustable record intervals & long battery life for convenient and reliable temperature data recording,
monitoring and analysis. It has a large permanent data memory of 16000 points and comes with
data management software for easy data download to computers through USB interface. With the software,
you could analyze data in form of tables and graphs and export in picture format. The data could be queried,
saved, printed and exported in Word/Excel/TXT format. In addition, users can set 0~6hrs for delay startup
and perform temperature calibration with this software.
-Permanent data storage, building documents for searching, data could be read and printed by PC data
management software.
-Directly connect with computer for data exchange, easy operation: When connected to computer,
the software will automatically read data, and form reports.-
-Display temperature, time, over temperature alarm, temperature upper/lower limit, temperature Max.
/Min. value in the LCD screen.
-Double sensor: Built-in Sensor and External Sensor
-Besides battery, could also be powered by USB cable when connected with PC, and it could upload
data even if the battery is out of use.
-Over Temperature Alarm & Upper/Lower Limits can be set
-Used to record temperature data over a long period of time
-Wide measuring range, high accuracy & adjustable record interval
-LCD to show data and settings
-Above one year battery life
-16000 data recording capacity
-Data management software & USB cable included for working with PC easily
-Data can be downloaded, analyzed, exported and printed conveniently
-Auto power off and low battery indication
-It has internal temperature sensor, and with optional external sensor, with optional internal buzzer alarm.
If external sensor is connected, temperature measuring will automatically switch to the external
temperature sensor.
-It has CR 2450 battery, with the battery compartment in the back, ease of battery replacement:
Rotate the battery cover clockwise to remove the battery by a coin, and rotate and tighten the
battery cover counter after battery replacement.

-Temperature measuring range: -30 °C~ 60 °C;
-for optional external sensor: -40°C~ 85°C
-Ambient environmental temperature: -30 °C~ 60 °C
-Accuracy: ±1 °C
-Resolution: 0.1 °C
-Record capacity: 16000 points (MAX)
-Record interval: 10s~24hour adjustable
-Sensor: Internal NTC thermal resistor
-Communication interface: USB interface
-Power supply: CR2450 battery, or power supply via USB interface
-Battery life: in normal temperature, if the record interval sets as 15 minutes, it could be
used above one year.
-Item Size: approx. 84 (L) x 44 (W) x 20 (H) mm (3.3 x 1.73 x 0.79 inch)
-Item Weight: approx. 60 g
-1 x Data Logger
-1 x CR2450 battery
-1 x External Sensor
-1 x USB Cable
-1 x Instruction Manual
NOTE: Please read and save data before parameter setting. After finishing parameters setting
in the temperature data logger data management software, the recorded historical data will be cleared up.


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